Dear Linda, I will miss you.

Dieser Post ist Linda Clare Meisner gewidmet, meiner New Yorker Mentorin, Lehrerin und Freundin die kürzlich verstorben ist. Bitte habt Verständnis, dass ich diesen Post auf Englisch schreiben werde, damit auch Linda’s Freunde in New York diesen Artikel lesen können.

In memory of a dear friend, exceptional teacher, mentor and endless inspiration who recently passed away – Linda, this is for you.

Linda Bild

Linda Clare Meisner

I had the good luck to meet Linda November 2006 for the first time.

At that time Linda was in her late sixties and a well respected designer. She was the former house model of Pauline Trigère, who now herself designed beautifully draped ball gowns for private Clients.

Linda invited us into her little studio at Upper West Side just beside the Central Park filled with stacks of beautiful fabrics, swatches, pictures, memories and beautifully draped gowns displayed on a doll.
I was mesmerized, this was what I wanted to do some day.

Born in Arizona Linda moved to NYC to become a ballet dancer. But because of her exceptional beauty she soon started to work as Model. Working as a house model at Trigère’s watching how the clothes were draped on her body she learned how to drape herself. Talented as she was, she soon started her own little fashion business. Her first modeling pictures where taken by Andy Warhol, one of her close friends about whom she could tell endless stories.


Linda in a coat by Pauline Trigère

The morning, I had dressed myself in a jacket I had designed myself. Linda noticed it at once. She was thrilled when she found out that I was German. Her grandmother came from Germany also being called Meyer. We talked and she offered to teach me about draping techniques. I still remember how happy I was taking the train home that evening.

This was a beginning of a beautiful friendship. Every week I went to visit her in her studio. We talked, we looked at fabric swatches, folded and unfolded beautiful yards of fabric she hat bought at one of her countless travels to Como, Italy. We drank coffee with vanilla ice cream instead of milk while I listened to stories about her youth and about New York and It’s fashion scene and how it changed during all the years she had lived in the city. She started working when there still was no H&M, when clothes where something precious and a Design still a piece of art.

in einem Kleid von Charles Kleibacker aufgenommen 1970

Linda in a dress by Charles Kleibacker photographed 1970

I loved when she talked about her friendship with Andy Warhol and the crazy times in his so called factory and those about Elaine, the owner of Elaine’s a very famous restaurant in the upper east side, for whom she had designed all her dresses. Once she even took me there for a dinner, an evening I will never forget.

Andy took of me in his Factory in1964_the flowers

Linda at at Andy Warhol’s factory

Linda was a strict but encouraging teacher. There is so much I am thankful for. She has taught me so much. My love for the technique of draping and silhouettes started with her. She lighted up the spark for my love of fabric. She believed in my work, starting with the first minute always encouraging me to follow my dream and to be a designer with all my heart. Being more than 70 years old she came all the way from New York to attend my Graduation Fashion Show.
Without her my work wouldn’t be the same. NUSUM wouldn’t be what it is today. I wouldn’t be the way I am today.

Dear Linda, you were a big inspiration to me. You were great mentor, a wonderful teacher and a dear friend. You were such a warm person with a big heart always so interested in everything around you. I am very thankful that we have met.

I will miss you.

Love, Lotta

my plaid dress

my very first dress, draped within Linda’s studio. Photo by Linda Clare Meisner

2 Kommentare zu “Dear Linda, I will miss you.

  1. Beautifully written! How nice you did this Lotta! We will all miss her terribly and we will also remember and carry with all she taught us about style, fashion, working with fabrics and all in the very best quality! Thank you!

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